If you are enrolled into extracurricular activities or clubs (photography, acting, school paper, poetry, sports, basically anything) in your high school or college, you should consider using that to promote yourself to make necessary connections and introductions to people in that specific branch you are into. Making a website that shows articles, photographs, posts, and videos of your work will be an interesting, innovative and a serious way of presenting yourself. It can open new doors and clear the way for you to separate yourself from your peers.

Your options

You can do it on social media, but everyone does it so much it became meaningless. Also, their work is not safe – anyone can steal it, and it can disappear from social media platforms due to hacking, change of rules, or if someone reports that you violated rules.

Having a webpage is good marketing for your work. With trustworthy and good Website hosting you can position yourself higher in your branch. Poor hosting can be the main difference between childish low-quality presentation and introducing yourself as a future professional. Web hosting is where all of your data is securely stored and maintained. It is a space that you rent so your content will be safe and only yours so no one can copy it without falling under the law of stealing. You can always prove your content is – yours. Here are five reasons how you can mess it up with a bad website, and fail to be seen as a future professional.


Your website needs to be online at all times for people to see it. So choosing the right web hosting company can help you avoid being offline when someone tries to go to your page.

Loading takes too much time

If you are introducing yourself to possible colleges, professors, professionals, or other people that are important, you need your page to look well managed. If you are pursuing a career in photography, your site needs to load quickly because no one has the time to wait. Your photographs need to pop up immediately.


If anything goes wrong with your Website or you have some questions, you need good technical support from your Web hosting provider.

Low place in Google search

Maybe someone of those important people will forget the specifics, but they will try to google you. If your Web Hosting is bad, your site will not even come up in the first ten pages of Google. It is because websites that are sometimes offline or have long loading time will get low rankings on Search Engines.