Do you play video games or binge shows for free? Well, all this time you could have been paid for it. Have you ever considered earning money while you sleep or just casually sit in some chair? Because you could be rich without any effort. These jobs are something you never imagined – they are low in stress and high in pay. Lucky you, now you can go to your family and say „I’m not lazy, I got a real job“ – and you will be paid, too. If you combine your laziness with things you love, you may even get your dream life.

Pretend jobs

Foreigner – do you look good in a suit, and can shake man’s hand good? Do you like traveling, and meeting interesting people? How about free food and drinks? Well, all this time you could have been a professional foreigner. Apparently, the most prestige parties in China are the ones where foreigners are. You can get paid more than a thousand dollar per week just to act like important foreigner while attending various events.

Almost an actor – you could just be a movie extra forever and get paid tons of money. There are no scripts to remember, no dressing rehearsals, stressing while trying to make your big break in the acting world… You will just go from set to set, getting paid minimum 150 dollars per day while doing the bare minimum, and watching movies being made.

Responsible sitter – this job does not require of you to feed anyone (but yourself), no need to walk dogs or play with children while trying to keep them alive. Your only duty is to watch the house you are in. Many rich homeowners are in need of people who could sit in those empty fancy homes, while homeowners are traveling the world. House sitting is like living rich life for a few hours or even weeks, after which you get paid.

Jobs where you test stuff

While you sleep – Hotel owners or traveling agencies could hire you for your services. In that case, you will be required to go to a specific hotel, rent a room, and go to sleep. That is all. People hire hotel sleep testers so they can be sure their customers will get the best service and night rest at their hotels.

While you play – you can get paid to 20 dollars per hour just to test video games – by playing. Your job is to try and break the game, find a glitch, find a bug, or a loophole in gameplay.

Even while you are sitting – when people make furniture, they need others to sit on it and in that way provide feedback. So, you can sit all day on different furniture, explaining to your bosses how does it feel. The average salary is around 30 thousand USD dollars. The only thing is – you can not eat on the job, but maybe you could nap.