In this unsecured economic world, it is not easy to choose a future career. Especially because the moment when we need to choose it comes so early in our lives. Some of us have still not found anything that interests us enough; some feel that choosing a career in which they have a passion will not provide enough financial stability through life. Some jobs that we want, for example, to be an actress or an artist, do not seem like a right choice in securing your future.

All the questions…

How to choose a career? Through passion or money? Should you spend your whole life doing what you love despite that you may not make enough money, or should you engage in any profession that brings a great salary, regardless of the fact that you will have to endure with it your entire life? Now, when the job market is completely uncertain when people are having a bunch of different careers and job in their lifetime, making the decision is even harder.

Perhaps more important than whether you have a passion for something, is that you just need a better understanding of yourself. “Am I a communicative person? Do I like to work alone or in a team, do I perform all my tasks in time or at the last moment, do I seek excitement or stability …?”. These are some of the questions that are very important when you are choosing future career.

Set things straight

In choosing a profession, when the question of “passion or money” is before us, it is very difficult to find an answer. Maybe because the question is wrong. Anyone who is successful enough in any occupation will have enough ability and creativity to earn money for life. The only question is what are your chances in becoming successful in that particular career, what are your talents and how much studying and work are you willing to give (not only about yourselves but also about other people in that market).

Therefore, in choosing the right occupation, generations who now choose their careers should not focus on one job, one solution, nor should they try to find a passion for something as soon as possible. They do not even have to study the labor market to choose a profession that is currently high in demand. Because the labor market is constantly changing, the occupation that today has the most perspective, after you finish school in five or ten years can be the least in demand.

New start

Choosing a passion does not mean that you choose what suits you. Maybe you will lose interest after some time. Maybe you’ll stop loving this job because there are people who are better than you. Choosing money opens the possibility for new mistakes. Will this business make money for five or thirty years? Will you be better than the competition to earn enough? And most importantly – will you be able to work your job your entire life solely for money? Do not choose passion. Do not choose money. Choose an interest that fits you, your character, your abilities, and your strengths. Choose yourself. That is where passion and money both are.