Have you begun thinking about your future career? There are many career options and can be too overwhelming, especially when you know that the choice you now make will affect your entire future. But there is a way that can help you with the question “How to choose a career?”. You need to get to know yourself better.


It is very important to understand your flaws, virtues, and strengths so that your chosen career best suits you. It is very important what kind of values you have and what you expect from possible career options. Is it a priority to have a high paycheck or the space to express yourself in your work? Do you want to work with others to achieve a goal, or you prefer the competitor environment, or maybe the one where there is a chain of command? Think hard about your values and priorities, and it will help you find a career that suits you.

In addition to priorities and values, the interests that you have are very important. How are you spending your free time? Do you like to be with people or by yourself? Do you prefer sports, team games, or to work on projects? Your interests will help you understand what working environment is best suited for you, and which profession would be best for you.

Discover your skills

During self-reflection, it is very important to understand both your skills and what you are good at. Do you express yourself? Do you like talking to people? Are your stories interesting, can you convince people into believing in something you made up? Perhaps you could be a writer, a journalist, a manager, a salesman, a psychologist. How good are you with the numbers? And in sports and music? Every skill you possess can develop into talent, and with real education, it can develop in a career in which you can be successful.

Your character and personality are very important to choose a future career. All of the above questions will help you to understand yourself better, but there is also the one directly related to your personality that will help you in narrowing down your potential career even more. Try to find answers to questions like: do you prefer to be right or you like to have discussions about different subjects no matter who is right and who is wrong? Do you easily get into a fight or do you just drop the argument, even if people are wrong? Do you think logically, and watch what is right never violating the rules, or do you like to move the borders and believe your instincts?

All of these questions will help you to get to know yourself better. After finding answers to them, consider which jobs require the skills and character you have. Because the next question you need to ask yourself is: in which branch of interest are your values welcomed?