How To Narrow Down Career Options

How To Narrow Down Career Options

Do you have some career options that you like? Good. Now you need to narrow them down. This can be easily done with research. First, put all of your options on a piece of paper. This list will be your guide because you need to research all of these careers to find an answer to a question – which of these jobs is the best for me?

First, find out what exactly people with careers that are on your list do. For example, if you wrote down that you want to be a journalist, you need to find out what exactly they do at their jobs all day. Taking our journalists as an example, they need to come up with a relevant story at least three times a week. If you are working on a daily paper, you need to know what you will write every single day of your job. You need to talk to a lot of people that do not want to talk to you or to listen to a bunch of people with questioning backgrounds just to find out, in the end, they are not relevant to your story. It is a lot of work that you do alone, but to do it, you still need a lot of people and their cooperation. So, to find your perfect career, your first step is to find out what people do the jobs you like.

Almost done…

After you find out what your dream jobs are really like, you still have work to do. You need to ask some other important questions about careers you put down as your options. We provided you with some of the questions that can help you realize which jobs on your list are not for you, and in that way, you can be closer to your answer – the job that is best for you.

–    What type of education do you need for this job? Are there schools in your area or in your price range that you can attend to pursue this career? How well do your grades need to be so you can get in the job market?

–    How much money do people working in this field get? Will the median salary for this job be enough for you?

–    How hard is it to get a job in this field? Is there a lot of competition? How tough will be for you to be above average in this field?

–    This job is required in what type of places? Is there a lot of those places in your town or country? How valuable is this job for you and your community?

You can also try to gain some experience in the fields that interest you by summer internships, shadowing, or part-time jobs. Some jobs can seem interesting and right for you until you try them, so don’t be afraid to get some real experience.

Career That Suits You Best

Career That Suits You Best

Have you begun thinking about your future career? There are many career options and can be too overwhelming, especially when you know that the choice you now make will affect your entire future. But there is a way that can help you with the question “How to choose a career?”. You need to get to know yourself better.


It is very important to understand your flaws, virtues, and strengths so that your chosen career best suits you. It is very important what kind of values you have and what you expect from possible career options. Is it a priority to have a high paycheck or the space to express yourself in your work? Do you want to work with others to achieve a goal, or you prefer the competitor environment, or maybe the one where there is a chain of command? Think hard about your values and priorities, and it will help you find a career that suits you.

In addition to priorities and values, the interests that you have are very important. How are you spending your free time? Do you like to be with people or by yourself? Do you prefer sports, team games, or to work on projects? Your interests will help you understand what working environment is best suited for you, and which profession would be best for you.

Discover your skills

During self-reflection, it is very important to understand both your skills and what you are good at. Do you express yourself? Do you like talking to people? Are your stories interesting, can you convince people into believing in something you made up? Perhaps you could be a writer, a journalist, a manager, a salesman, a psychologist. How good are you with the numbers? And in sports and music? Every skill you possess can develop into talent, and with real education, it can develop in a career in which you can be successful.

Your character and personality are very important to choose a future career. All of the above questions will help you to understand yourself better, but there is also the one directly related to your personality that will help you in narrowing down your potential career even more. Try to find answers to questions like: do you prefer to be right or you like to have discussions about different subjects no matter who is right and who is wrong? Do you easily get into a fight or do you just drop the argument, even if people are wrong? Do you think logically, and watch what is right never violating the rules, or do you like to move the borders and believe your instincts?

All of these questions will help you to get to know yourself better. After finding answers to them, consider which jobs require the skills and character you have. Because the next question you need to ask yourself is: in which branch of interest are your values welcomed?

Job: Doing What You Love vs. What Pays

Job: Doing What You Love vs. What Pays

In this unsecured economic world, it is not easy to choose a future career. Especially because the moment when we need to choose it comes so early in our lives. Some of us have still not found anything that interests us enough; some feel that choosing a career in which they have a passion will not provide enough financial stability through life. Some jobs that we want, for example, to be an actress or an artist, do not seem like a right choice in securing your future.

All the questions…

How to choose a career? Through passion or money? Should you spend your whole life doing what you love despite that you may not make enough money, or should you engage in any profession that brings a great salary, regardless of the fact that you will have to endure with it your entire life? Now, when the job market is completely uncertain when people are having a bunch of different careers and job in their lifetime, making the decision is even harder.

Perhaps more important than whether you have a passion for something, is that you just need a better understanding of yourself. “Am I a communicative person? Do I like to work alone or in a team, do I perform all my tasks in time or at the last moment, do I seek excitement or stability …?”. These are some of the questions that are very important when you are choosing future career.

Set things straight

In choosing a profession, when the question of “passion or money” is before us, it is very difficult to find an answer. Maybe because the question is wrong. Anyone who is successful enough in any occupation will have enough ability and creativity to earn money for life. The only question is what are your chances in becoming successful in that particular career, what are your talents and how much studying and work are you willing to give (not only about yourselves but also about other people in that market).

Therefore, in choosing the right occupation, generations who now choose their careers should not focus on one job, one solution, nor should they try to find a passion for something as soon as possible. They do not even have to study the labor market to choose a profession that is currently high in demand. Because the labor market is constantly changing, the occupation that today has the most perspective, after you finish school in five or ten years can be the least in demand.

New start

Choosing a passion does not mean that you choose what suits you. Maybe you will lose interest after some time. Maybe you’ll stop loving this job because there are people who are better than you. Choosing money opens the possibility for new mistakes. Will this business make money for five or thirty years? Will you be better than the competition to earn enough? And most importantly – will you be able to work your job your entire life solely for money? Do not choose passion. Do not choose money. Choose an interest that fits you, your character, your abilities, and your strengths. Choose yourself. That is where passion and money both are.

Internet Careers For The Adventurous

Internet Careers For The Adventurous

Many interesting jobs can be done over the Internet. You can be a blogger, a writer, an actor. You can deal with the latest news in the field of technology, fashion, world, famous people, photographs, basically any industry. You can write personal texts, reports from events, reviews of various restaurants, hotels, games, music albums … The possibilities are countless. Many famous writers and artists began their career on the Internet. Many graphic designers, photographers, designers have their websites where they present their works.

How to begin

If you are a creative person who has something to say, if you are interested in any industry, if you have an interesting hobby that might interest others, you should share it with people all over the world through your private site or blog. Over time, you will get better and better at your work which you will present via your website, and you will soon start earning some revenue. Fashion bloggers, stand-up comedians, and vloggers are paid by big brands to promote certain products – if they want to. People from other industries are paid for advertising space on their sites because other companies want to advertise there. Many artists sell their works online, so a good web page is really important to them. All you have to do is find good web hosting so your hobby and passion will be expressed through the internet in the best way possible – and you will build your career with ease.

How to be safe

Regardless of the number of social networks and followers you have, there is always the possibility that your profile will be banished, or hacked, and all your painstaking work and followers will disappear in one click. It is therefore very important that you consume the energy you invest smartly by investing in a good site that will be solely under your control, rather than depending on the changing rules of social networks.

Own your work

It is very important that the page through which you communicate with people, on which you place your posts, texts, photos, and videos, is always working, and that it can receive a large number of visits at a time. Likewise, everything that you put on social networks or anything that is not in your possession is no longer yours. The only way to have copyright on anything you put on the Internet is to put it on a web address that is in your possession. Therefore, if you want to make a career out of your hobby, passion, and skills in which you are good, be sure that you will own the proprietary rights to it.

All the advantages

Service of web hosting allows you to make a website that you own. That gives you the secure space independent of other companies businesses and social media platforms. It can provide ou data center connectivity and space. Also it gives you personal domain of your choice (full name of your website how you want it).

Perfect Careers for Lazy People

Perfect Careers for Lazy People

Do you play video games or binge shows for free? Well, all this time you could have been paid for it. Have you ever considered earning money while you sleep or just casually sit in some chair? Because you could be rich without any effort. These jobs are something you never imagined – they are low in stress and high in pay. Lucky you, now you can go to your family and say „I’m not lazy, I got a real job“ – and you will be paid, too. If you combine your laziness with things you love, you may even get your dream life.

Pretend jobs

Foreigner – do you look good in a suit, and can shake man’s hand good? Do you like traveling, and meeting interesting people? How about free food and drinks? Well, all this time you could have been a professional foreigner. Apparently, the most prestige parties in China are the ones where foreigners are. You can get paid more than a thousand dollar per week just to act like important foreigner while attending various events.

Almost an actor – you could just be a movie extra forever and get paid tons of money. There are no scripts to remember, no dressing rehearsals, stressing while trying to make your big break in the acting world… You will just go from set to set, getting paid minimum 150 dollars per day while doing the bare minimum, and watching movies being made.

Responsible sitter – this job does not require of you to feed anyone (but yourself), no need to walk dogs or play with children while trying to keep them alive. Your only duty is to watch the house you are in. Many rich homeowners are in need of people who could sit in those empty fancy homes, while homeowners are traveling the world. House sitting is like living rich life for a few hours or even weeks, after which you get paid.

Jobs where you test stuff

While you sleep – Hotel owners or traveling agencies could hire you for your services. In that case, you will be required to go to a specific hotel, rent a room, and go to sleep. That is all. People hire hotel sleep testers so they can be sure their customers will get the best service and night rest at their hotels.

While you play – you can get paid to 20 dollars per hour just to test video games – by playing. Your job is to try and break the game, find a glitch, find a bug, or a loophole in gameplay.

Even while you are sitting – when people make furniture, they need others to sit on it and in that way provide feedback. So, you can sit all day on different furniture, explaining to your bosses how does it feel. The average salary is around 30 thousand USD dollars. The only thing is – you can not eat on the job, but maybe you could nap.


8 Exiting & Weird Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

8 Exiting & Weird Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

For every little thing in the world you have or use, there is a large number of jobs that helped in making that. If you are not sure any career fits you, here is the list of some exiting and weird jobs in this world.

Working with people

Pick-up Instructor – some people have difficulty meeting or seducing other people, so the market created a place for a job where you can help them. There are boot camps, classes, videos, youtube clips advising men and women all over the planet in how to hook up.

Sommelier – you could be a wine taster, working in some fancy restaurant, advising people with expensive wine goes best with their meal, painting them a picture of how that specific bottle of this drink was made and what makes that wine special. You will travel to different vineyards, events, visiting wine cellars and distributors, learning more and more about wine – all while drinking it.

Bridesmaid – you can be a professional undercover bridesmaid for brides all over the world who don’t have enough close friends. Some people will pay a lot of money to have someone with experience to assist them on their big day, or just to pretend they are super close. You can get paid between three hundred and 2 thousand dollars for this service.

Lego inventer – every new Lego set needs to be made in a way it can be used for building different things. A team of people needs to make those blocks in specific colors, shape, and number so it can build some specific creations. And it goes for all the other toys. This kind of job is very serious.

Working alone

Namer of things – every nail polish, every lipstick, perfume, and medicine have a different name, so naturally, there is a job where your task is just to sit, think creative, and come up with new names for a variety of things. Other companies have marketing or advertising professionals where this is part of their job.

Stand in line – in this busy world a lot of people don’t have time to stand in lines so that you can do that for them. These professionals can earn a thousand dollars in a week, and a lot more when there is a line for a new iPhone or big sale like Black Friday.

Check the dice – gambling is really big industry, and obvious someone needs to check all dices in this world just to make sure they are properly made. Dice with off-balance can always fall in same numbers, so just to be sure everything is in order there is a dice inspector job

Horse Exerciser – if you adore riding horses you can get paid for it. With only high school diploma your job would be to care for these animals and help them get the exercise they need. The only thing is that it takes more than five years to master this profession.

How to Present Your Hobbies In a Professional Way

How to Present Your Hobbies In a Professional Way

If you are enrolled into extracurricular activities or clubs (photography, acting, school paper, poetry, sports, basically anything) in your high school or college, you should consider using that to promote yourself to make necessary connections and introductions to people in that specific branch you are into. Making a website that shows articles, photographs, posts, and videos of your work will be an interesting, innovative and a serious way of presenting yourself. It can open new doors and clear the way for you to separate yourself from your peers.

Your options

You can do it on social media, but everyone does it so much it became meaningless. Also, their work is not safe – anyone can steal it, and it can disappear from social media platforms due to hacking, change of rules, or if someone reports that you violated rules.

Having a webpage is good marketing for your work. With trustworthy and good Website hosting you can position yourself higher in your branch. Poor hosting can be the main difference between childish low-quality presentation and introducing yourself as a future professional. Web hosting is where all of your data is securely stored and maintained. It is a space that you rent so your content will be safe and only yours so no one can copy it without falling under the law of stealing. You can always prove your content is – yours. Here are five reasons how you can mess it up with a bad website, and fail to be seen as a future professional.


Your website needs to be online at all times for people to see it. So choosing the right web hosting company can help you avoid being offline when someone tries to go to your page.

Loading takes too much time

If you are introducing yourself to possible colleges, professors, professionals, or other people that are important, you need your page to look well managed. If you are pursuing a career in photography, your site needs to load quickly because no one has the time to wait. Your photographs need to pop up immediately.


If anything goes wrong with your Website or you have some questions, you need good technical support from your Web hosting provider.

Low place in Google search

Maybe someone of those important people will forget the specifics, but they will try to google you. If your Web Hosting is bad, your site will not even come up in the first ten pages of Google. It is because websites that are sometimes offline or have long loading time will get low rankings on Search Engines.

4 Perspective Web Careers

4 Perspective Web Careers

Information technology is about networks, servers, software, computers, and other types of storing and managing different data. There are some various jobs in this branch and demand for them is constantly growing. Skills that you need for these types of jobs are transferable, so you can work different jobs with the same education. The industry of information technology is always growing, so jobs in this market are always available. Getting a job in this competitive field might secure a good part of your future. On the Internet, fastest growing things are social media platforms and websites which are in need of web hosting providers. We listed below the main prosperous careers in those fields.

Technical Support

Support team often works 24/7 in shifts. Their job is to make a connection with costumers via chat, phone or email, so they can provide efficient help that is personalized. Technical support, as I imagine you already know, explains to costumers how to set up. Building your skill you can advance in this career fast. The average salary is 40 thousand USD dollars.

Support Engineer: Website / Hosting

This job is about optimization and maintenance of infrastructure that is the core of the web business. Professionals on this job are good at details and security. They manage server loads, monitor tools, they bring systems to industry standards, and improve external and internal security. The average salary is 80 thousand USD dollars.

Web Designer / Developer

They design, develop and program websites and pages. In this field, they are working next to designers, content producers, and marketing staff to develop high-quality websites and pages. Web Developers are crucial in site launch, functionality and in implementation features regarding websites. They also need to work on their launch sites as they grow, and that means maintenance and updating security, operation and integrity to achieve stability. The basic education required for this career is a bachelors’ degree in visual design, computer science, technical communication, or a related field. The average salary is 100 thousand USD dollars.

Web Application Administrator / Engineer

Professionals on this job support system administration application and review developed requirements because it is related to application upgrades, migration, production, and development support. They manage upgrades, configurations, and installations of infrastructure. Bachelor’s degree is a must. The average salary is 70 thousand USD dollars.


We live in a digital society which is formed because of the integration and adoption of communication and information technologies in all aspects of life. We use technology at home, school, in our work.

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