For every little thing in the world you have or use, there is a large number of jobs that helped in making that. If you are not sure any career fits you, here is the list of some exiting and weird jobs in this world.

Working with people

Pick-up Instructor – some people have difficulty meeting or seducing other people, so the market created a place for a job where you can help them. There are boot camps, classes, videos, youtube clips advising men and women all over the planet in how to hook up.

Sommelier – you could be a wine taster, working in some fancy restaurant, advising people with expensive wine goes best with their meal, painting them a picture of how that specific bottle of this drink was made and what makes that wine special. You will travel to different vineyards, events, visiting wine cellars and distributors, learning more and more about wine – all while drinking it.

Bridesmaid – you can be a professional undercover bridesmaid for brides all over the world who don’t have enough close friends. Some people will pay a lot of money to have someone with experience to assist them on their big day, or just to pretend they are super close. You can get paid between three hundred and 2 thousand dollars for this service.

Lego inventer – every new Lego set needs to be made in a way it can be used for building different things. A team of people needs to make those blocks in specific colors, shape, and number so it can build some specific creations. And it goes for all the other toys. This kind of job is very serious.

Working alone

Namer of things – every nail polish, every lipstick, perfume, and medicine have a different name, so naturally, there is a job where your task is just to sit, think creative, and come up with new names for a variety of things. Other companies have marketing or advertising professionals where this is part of their job.

Stand in line – in this busy world a lot of people don’t have time to stand in lines so that you can do that for them. These professionals can earn a thousand dollars in a week, and a lot more when there is a line for a new iPhone or big sale like Black Friday.

Check the dice – gambling is really big industry, and obvious someone needs to check all dices in this world just to make sure they are properly made. Dice with off-balance can always fall in same numbers, so just to be sure everything is in order there is a dice inspector job

Horse Exerciser – if you adore riding horses you can get paid for it. With only high school diploma your job would be to care for these animals and help them get the exercise they need. The only thing is that it takes more than five years to master this profession.