Information technology is about networks, servers, software, computers, and other types of storing and managing different data. There are some various jobs in this branch and demand for them is constantly growing. Skills that you need for these types of jobs are transferable, so you can work different jobs with the same education. The industry of information technology is always growing, so jobs in this market are always available. Getting a job in this competitive field might secure a good part of your future. On the Internet, fastest growing things are social media platforms and websites which are in need of web hosting providers. We listed below the main prosperous careers in those fields.

Technical Support

Support team often works 24/7 in shifts. Their job is to make a connection with costumers via chat, phone or email, so they can provide efficient help that is personalized. Technical support, as I imagine you already know, explains to costumers how to set up. Building your skill you can advance in this career fast. The average salary is 40 thousand USD dollars.

Support Engineer: Website / Hosting

This job is about optimization and maintenance of infrastructure that is the core of the web business. Professionals on this job are good at details and security. They manage server loads, monitor tools, they bring systems to industry standards, and improve external and internal security. The average salary is 80 thousand USD dollars.

Web Designer / Developer

They design, develop and program websites and pages. In this field, they are working next to designers, content producers, and marketing staff to develop high-quality websites and pages. Web Developers are crucial in site launch, functionality and in implementation features regarding websites. They also need to work on their launch sites as they grow, and that means maintenance and updating security, operation and integrity to achieve stability. The basic education required for this career is a bachelors’ degree in visual design, computer science, technical communication, or a related field. The average salary is 100 thousand USD dollars.

Web Application Administrator / Engineer

Professionals on this job support system administration application and review developed requirements because it is related to application upgrades, migration, production, and development support. They manage upgrades, configurations, and installations of infrastructure. Bachelor’s degree is a must. The average salary is 70 thousand USD dollars.


We live in a digital society which is formed because of the integration and adoption of communication and information technologies in all aspects of life. We use technology at home, school, in our work.